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Area music on\off


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Is it possible to turn area music on and off painlessly in BG2, or is patching .are/.mus (and thus changing it permanently :D ) the only way? I would like to create complete silence in one particular area under certain cicrumstances, but I do not wish it to turn out like Fade and Guarded Compound thing. Do I even have a chance to do this?

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So, this thing extend_topped' to the area script will work permanently, until the global changes its value, and will not make the game stutter?








But what if another mod is using this entry? "There is an entry is the songlist that is not currently used by the game or other mods." - it sounds rather suspicious to me.

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The 0 entry is intended to be blank, BioWare even had a (broken) blank.mus and a (broken) blank.acm. We are simply formalising this and making it work. We are also trying to get romance modders to stop adding their own extra blank music entry (this is Kelsey's current method). Eventually I'd like entry 0 to be the "No_music" entry they intended it to be.


Hey, guys! Shouldn't we be doing this in the fixpack somewhere?

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