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A blonde elf

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Here is the character description (By Stephen King (not *that* Stephen King)) with some additions by me:


Neiros Gellantara, the Sailmaker.


"Neiros Gellantara spends his days sitting on his porch, mending sails and watching the world go by. He never tires of the steady stream of new people in town, willing to trade a tale or greet a newcomer warmly. He is a master of his craft and the rumor has it that he used to be a silversmith, and a woodcarver before that. But all that the oldest salt dog can say for sure is that Gellantara had always had a small shop of some sort in the Dock's District. He is blonde-haired, with green eyes and speaks slowly as if he weighs every word before he speaks."


I don't insist on green eyes - grey, blue, yellow - any light colored eyes are fine :)

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Oh, it is very nice, a pity it will just be a small portrait :) Basically, the only thing I would like to be changed for the small picture is the eye-brow line to give it about 30 degree angle. I am attaching this picture from the manual for a reference, it is really great for that, because I know that I tried for ages the slant and never managed. I would also re-cut the small portrait to be more of a face.


If you'd like to have it as a player character portrait, you might want to have more detail on his costume; embroidery, beadwork etc.


Is it Mark Hammil?


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Gah. It's more difficult than you'd think. :) I couldn't change it much without making him look like a mutant.






But yeah. Almost no change at all. I'm thinking of making another, all new portrait and trying to make him look more like an elf. You see, when I've been drawing elves, I haven't made their features really that different from humans. Oh well.


I left his clothing very simply because this was supposed to be just one small character, I take it? But if I get the urge sometime, I could work on his clothing more. ;)

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