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I am starting the new movement - N.O.T. (Not Only Tolkien) - for all those for whom Tolkien is not the alpha and omega of the fantasy fiction, not the Topless Pinnacle, not the Writ of Fantasy or who is plain tired of the notions of the kind.


You are a N.O.T. authomatically if any three of the following corresponds to your way of thinking:


Tolkien was a good enough writer, to whom the fantasy genre owes many ideas, but he is no more than that. He is not unfailable, his books can be critisized, there are better books than Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. Tolkien does not have to be borught up in every discussion abouth fantasy literature. There is no such thing as a 'true Tolkien's fan'. The movies are inferrior to the grand books of Tolkien is not the first thought that crosses your mind whenever anyone mentions the Lord of the Rings. Whenever you see someone reading the Lord of the Rings, you experience a desire to tactfully suggest other books after the person is finished reading, or raised his or her brow asking what the hype was all about.


And, most importantly, it does not matter to you what color Legolas' hair is.


The Rules of Not (to be added at will and in random fashion by anyone who cares to):


The Purpose: Convince everyone else, without using the flamewar tactics that some author who is not Tolkien is more fun than Tolkien.


1) Don't take yourself or any book too seriously.

19) Tell anyone who throws Tolkien that or Tolkien this into a discussion on a generic fantasy topic, that s/he is using a DEAD WEIGHT!

B-C) Wear a tag that identified your favorite autor at the moment: FANTOL, FANMAR, FANKAY

6) Think outside the ring!

48) Have another fantasy writer as your favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nnn) Remeber: FANS-NEWT: Fantasy Neither Starts Nor Ends With Tolkien

7) Smack yourself loudly on the forehead the moment you catch yourself saying the following:

1) All fantasy books must be just like Tolkien

2) Since Tolkien did not have Element X in his books, no fantasy book shall

3) Tolkien is perfect

4) This flaw (for any other author) is not a flaw in Tolkien, as is explained in the Appendix or in the personal correspondence

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