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Trigger #3 - Help & Action #17 - Help()


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According to IESDP the trigger is NT so I decided to test them. Both trigger and action work and are yet another form of communication between scripts. It is not limited to creatures of the same race or class. Its range seems to be the same as that of shout but in general it seems that this range is cut down by the fog of war.


This screen shot shows a skeleton standing between the player character and the edge of the fog of war behind another

skeleton stands, meaning it is within the range of help().



Having moved the player character a few steps up, the skeleton in the fog of war is revealed and the other one instantly dies.




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Is it really fog of war?

Or the Line of sight originating from the actor running the Help action.

You could test this if you have 2 pcs, one is near a skeleton (without the script)

And another firing the help action from afar.


Second test: similar to the first, but your Help actor and the skeleton are separated by a wall (skeleton is still visible with another PC).

This would be the real line of sight test, the previous one would be a range test.

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