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AUTHLIM OF IYACHTU XVIM: Iyachtu Xvim is said to the result of a union between the Black Lord, Bane, and a greater or a true tanar'ri, and thus the blood of Bane runs through his veins. Another tale says he is the spawn of the Black Lord and a corrupted Paladin. Also called the Godson and the Son of Bane, Xvim has served as Bane's instrument in the Realms, carrying out the will of his father. He appears either as a gaunt, naked man with a great scimitar or a black cloud with glowing green eyes.


Xvim was imprisoned under Zhentil Keep during the Time of Troubles, where he was held for ten years. He managed to free himself when Zhentil Keep fell during the Cyrinishad fiasco, where he also managed to steal the portfolios of Tyranny and Hatred away from Cyric. He is now the god of Fear, Hatred, Malice, and Tyranny. He is working toward fully taking the place of his father, Bane, which makes him a bitter enemy of Cyric. His following is strongest in the East, particularly in Thay, but his priesthood is rapidly spreading throughout the Realms. His priests favor black robes trimmed with dark green. They also wear black iron gauntlets with glowing green eyes painted on the back of the hand. These gauntlets are actually the priests' holy symbols of Xvim.


Authlims of Xvim can be members of any race. They can only be of Lawful Evil, Lawful Neutral or Neutral Evil alignment.



- Spiritual Weapon: Scimitar - 'Scimitar of Souls' once per day.

The scimitar is the spiritual weapon of the Authlim of Iyachtu Xvim, and is wielded as if the caster had grand mastery in the weapon. It is a regular weapon at levels 1-5, +1 at levels 6-10, +2 at 11-15, +3 at 16-20, +4 at 21-25, and +5 at levels 25 and above. The spiritual weapon lasts for one round per level of the caster, up to 20 rounds.

- Immune to Fear.

- From level 7 can cast Greater Malison once per day, as fourth level mage spell of the same name

- From level 9 can cast Lower Resistance once per day, as fifth level mage spell of the same name

- From level 11 can cast Death Spell once per day, as sixth level mage spell of the same name

- From level 14 can cast Mantle once per day, as seventh level mage spell of the same name

- The Authlim may only cast his curative spells on himself, not others. Xvim and his Authlim despise weakness and do not help those in need.


Sphere access:

- Major access to the spheres of all, combat, divination, guardian, healing, necromantic, summoning and war

- Minor access to the spheres of charm, creation, elemental, and law

- No access to the spheres of animal, chaos, numbers, plant, protection, wards and weather


The Authlim despise weakness and do not help those in need... but surely they believe in helping themselves, right? And doesn't healing one's party members generally aid one's own cause? Tis hard to kill that Dragon on your own...


Besides, this disadvantage makes the kit near worthless. Why have a Cleric that can't heal your party? Defeats the point of having one, doesn't it?


Just my thoughts. :)


a Wounded Lion

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In pnp they only get Reversed access to the Healing sphere, which I thought would be too disadvantageous. So while I wanted some Healing I didn't want them to be the party Healer--hence the restriction.


I don't think it makes them useless; Clerics can serve other roles in the party besides Healer. With major access to spheres such as Combat, Necromantic and War and their Fear immunity (as well as Mantle later on) they can be more of a frontline combatant.


The kits are to differentiate the deities and their followers. Xvim is a harsh, unforgiving deity who rules with an iron fist. So are his Authlim. If they played similarly to, say, an Eldathyn or Lathandrite character then I'd be unhappy. :)

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Have you considered rendering Reverse healing spells more useful? Clerics have a rather poor THAC0 until relatively late in the game, and the fact that a cleric must roll to hit the target severely limits the usefulness of these spells. Changing the range of the spell to touch and dispensing with the to-hit roll would greatly increase these spells' usefulness. The spells would then function in a manner similiar to Vampiric Touch (but without the bonus HP of course; just the damage).


Just something to consider. :)


a Wounded Lion

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Nice idea.


@Eldath: The only time I met priests of Eldath was in IWD and they turned out to be Yuan-Tis. So I wasn't sure about the priests status, read if they were really apcifists or if this is just a front.


Anyway a pacifist cleric? I am all for it! Now I just need a Swordangel as bodyguard. :)

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I think we'd stick to the pnp versions of the spells re:touch attacks. I think touch attacks are given a 'to hit' bonus in the Infinity Engine normally anyway, since they're meant to ignore the target's armour.


Jester: She's a real deity. In 3E a lesser deity, Neutral Good, with domains of Family, Good, Plant, Protection and Water. Her dogma teaches not to take life, and her worshippers are typically druids, rangers and pacifists.


Actually, I just looked at the 2E stuff and it is fairly similar. Speciality priests are either druids, or clerics called Peace(wo)men (who do not fight).

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I am all for it, but the playability may suffer. :/


Perhaps you should also include some temples for certain clerics. perhaps one that changes, if you chose a certain deity. The reasoning is the following: Everytime you play BG the story unfolds anew. Why do things always have to be the same, in the same spot etc...


So you could just adapt one of the temples and give it to a deity according to the PC's kit. Perhaps the Waukeen one which is rarely used anyway. You even got two of those IIRC (Gov Dis and Trademeet).

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