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Christmas is Coming


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That's definitely a cool thing. I think it's one of those internet movies that everyone with a connection is eventually going to see, I've seen it linked all over the place. I bet sales of whatever CD that song is on will go up dramatically.


Speaking of which... does anyone know what CD that song is on?


P.S. I saw it first at http://www.hedonistica.com/media.php?path=...stmas_house.wmv, I think the video and music quality are a bit better there :).

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Did a bit of research on this, and this is for real. It's a house in Mason, Ohio. The volume outside is very low and is broadcast over fm radio. Truly amazing.


Anyway, neriana, to answer your question, it took me a bit because everybody's been listing the name of the song wrong. But I did finally find it. The name is actually Wizards in Winter and it's on the CD The Lost Christmas Eve. Anybody that would like to just listen to the song, or some of Trans Siberian's other work, can go here which is part of the official site.

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