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Burglar oddities


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okay, I've started a new party with a burglar(ess). Something weird happends to her:


If I gave her a one handed weapon in her main hand, she gets a -1 bonus to AC. If I add a shiel in the other hand, the shield gives no bonus to AC, and if I had a second weapon in the 'shield' hand, the AC bonus of the first dissapears (cleart so far?). And if I gave ger a two handed weapon, there is no bonus.


The question is fairly simple:is that normal, and if not, had someone everexperienced it? (otehrwise, my own game will be accountable for it :) )

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It's because your character has Single Weapon Style profiency. You use your single weapon with no shiel you get a +1 bonus to armour. You switched it for a shield and the +1 from the single weapon goes and is replaced by the +1 that the shield provides. Putting a second weapon instead means you are no longer wielding just a single weapon with nothing in your offhand and you lose that +1 (and it isn't getting replaced by anything). Two-handed weapon again gives no bonus.


So to summarise, it's nothing to do with the kit.

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