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Deheriana`s voice - what language is that?

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I`ve got Deheriana & Kivan in my party, currently about half-way through Watcher`s Keep, and I do like the voice-acting for the Deheriana character.


I was wondering - what language is she speaking? I guess its supposed to be Elvish, but it sounds kind of like Italian (in the intonation etc, not actual words).


Also, where did the voice-acting come from? Is that you, Domi? :)

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The language is Quenya or, I hear, more of a simplified Quenya with some Sindarin influences by the grey-company (http://www.grey-company.org/). The voice work was done by Threadspinner, and she actually did an astounding job studying and immitating the way the Elven was spoken in LoTR. I must have a credit in ReadMe. If I don't, I will add it immideatly :)

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