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Timing Mode 8


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When adding an effect to a creature with timing mode 8 (and 'duration' is 0), the effect stays on the creature until the (save)game is reloaded - the effect is not saved on the creature in any way.

I can't think of any use right now, other than tracking things per session but there must be something.


In keeping with the fanatstic naming system, I suggest we name this "Permanent until reload" :)




EDIT: Timing mode 5 seems to be "Apply after delay, permanently, until (save)game reload"



EDIT2: While I'm here, offset 0x54 and 0x58 seems in (applied to .cre) eff files seem to be a copy of the dice fields from the source (spl of eff).



EDIT3: Also, the 'write magic' button on scrolls seems to be hard-coded. It only appears if item is a scoll, with 2 or more extension headers, and on the 2nd extension header, the first effect must be "Learn Spell". Or something like that.


EDIT4: The "Cast spell ..." opcodes, leaving both parameters 0 casts the spell normally, at the level of the caster.

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