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Multiclass TNO


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I'd like to see a tweak that effectively makes TNO a multiclass character (FMT). He would still start out only having access to fighter abilities, but when he "trains" in a new class the new abilities open up to him. Or maybe a script could be applied which causes TNO to become a fighter/mage (or fighter/thief) when his mage (thief) experience equals his fighter level and a fighter/mage/thief when his experience in all three classes are equal through scripting. It would probably be a pain in the ass, but I bet it would be possible one way or the other.

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I don't like that idea.


1. FMTs level very slow ---> I want to be a high level mage asap. As rightfully said somewhere the emphasis of PST is not on combat. Thus you don't really need a fighter. I have yet to find any use for a thief in PST apart from getting the punchdaggers from Byron's henchman.


2.@ class switching was very annoying and unrealistic. -->I always thought that realism is not exactly the strong suit of fantasy games. I agree though that perpetual switching seems odd. I would rather train once in a direction and stay that way. Go for three stars in knives after the prayer beads and you are all set after the mausoleum. :D

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