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charming particular races


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I am trying to design a Charm-type spell that only charms members of a certain race.


In SoA, the Rings of Air and Earth Control allow you to charm an Air or Earth Elemental. The item abilities are built in a similar manner to the 'Charm Person' spell, but the "type" field is set to "GENERAL_ITM". What does this mean? Air and Earth Elementals are *not* creatures of the type "GENERAL_ITM" (not according to their creature files, anyway). Furthermore, both Rings have the exact same spell ability... so, how does the Charm-effect determine whether or not its being used on an appropriate target?


I tried to duplicate this effect using EFF files. I used the 'Charm Person' spell as a template but removed all of the effects (charm, display portrait icon, etc) of the spell ability. I then inserted a "Use EFF File" effect (with the appropriate race as its IDS target) in their place. The effect points to an EFF file that Charms (with the charm type set to "MONSTER" because the race in question is classed as such).


Why doesn't this work? What *would* work? The "Use EFF File" effect should determine if the spell target is a member of the race in question, and if so apply the EFF file (which should charm the target). Maybe I misunderstand the manner by which "Use EFF File" effect works... Please help!


a Wounded Lion

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