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Cumulative Effects


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I am adding an effect to a weapon that takes 1 point Constitution on successfull hit (and failed saving throw). It works but I would not want this to be cumulative.


Is it possible in some way using NI to set this up ? Thanks! :)


And I have another issue: I use for testing purpouse the Elixir of Health (whose description by they way needs to be corrected...) which cures my disease. But the portrait icon is still there! Any idea why ? Thanks!

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I fixed that Andyr...It's actually a bug in the _potn17.itm


The Elixir of Health is missing in its description that it cures ALSO diseases and not only poisons. Plus the item is not removing the effect icon 2...Now it does! :)


Funny is that the same item in BG2 instead includes the right effect...

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