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Mur'Neth & Oozes


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We're in the city of Baldur's Gate. There's an ooze infested house in Area FW1113.


I find it surprising given Mur'Neth's original goal, set forth by his god, that he isn't making some sort of comment when he and the party have to knock off all of the oozes infesting the place. After all, these would probably belong to his god's beloved followers as well.

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Mur'Neth has commented that he has no eyes, that he 'sees' with his other senses.


Makes me wonder then how the basilsks managed to petrify him? By all that is logical he should be immune to petrification.

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There isn't anything in the (2nd Edition) Monstrous Manual that states that a victim of the basilisk's gaze needs to be able to see to be affected. However, it does say that if you reflect the attack, the basilisk has to be able to see its own eyes to be affected, so you could probably take that many different ways.

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Oh, heh, interesting. I wonder if I can code an immunity to gaze attacks (as opposed to all forms of petrification; for example the Flesh to Stone spell should still work).

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Pardon guys, as when I think 'basilisk' I think Harry Potter where you have to actually 'see' the basilisk eyes in order to be stoned. Not up on the monster manuals. :)


Mur'Neth is pretty damn invaluable in Durlag's Tower. Besides his ever improving thief skills, it was gratifying to see the amount of resistances this guy has once I outfitted him with one of those fire resistance rings, a short bow and fire arrows. His saves against non fire based traps is damn high. Because he's resistant to most ooze/slime attacks he's nearly as good as Valen against others of his knd so I put him in the forefront against oozes.


Still, he should be commenting about having to kill his own kind. :O

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He now has immunity to Gaze attacks. It wouldn't make sense to me not to have them, and it was sort of an oversight he didn't already.


One of his earlier conversations mentions he doesn't mind killing oozes--they're essentially mindless, and Ghaunadaur is about survival of the strong. If they can't survive they don't deserve to!


Another way of looking at it is that Ghaunadans are to slimes as humans are to other primates...

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