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Would it be possible to include a basic readme (nothing fancy: just a list of fixes) with the next alpha release? This might be handy because it can be difficult to keep track of (and thus playtest) the billion or so changes that the fixpack makes to the game. :O I find myself having to continually reference the wiki or tp2 for this information... which is a teeny bit inconvenient. Just a suggestion (not a big deal).


a Wounded Lion


btw - If the alpha contains a readme that I've somehow missed, feel free to berate me for my usual missing-the-obvious blunder. :D

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My latest Fixpack work has been slogging through documentation (ugh) and I put together an old, crude readme somewhere--I'll dig up a link when I can. I had been making the documentation as static HTML pages, but the more I think about it the more sense it makes for them to go onto the wiki. Hopefully I can sucker encourage others to help with the documentation.

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