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Version 5 available!


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G3 welcomes 2006 with a new release of Mur'Neth. Mur'Neth is an NPC mod for the Baldur's Gate portion of either of the conversions, Baldur's Gate Tutu or BGT-WeiDU. He can be found inside the Nashkel Mines and is a Ghaunadan, a member of the race of ooze - like shapechangers who venerate Ghaunadaur, the evil deity of oozes, moulds and the like.


As of version 5, Mur'Neth now works on the BGT-WeiDU project (thanks to Ascension64). A handful of bugfixes round out the new release. You may choose to install Mur'Neth in French or English.


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Glad to see you're still working on him. Given some of his later dialogs in TUTU he is one EVIL guy. I think it's a shame he's not yet portable to BG2 given all encounter with followers of his god in the Underdark and the fission slimes in TOB.

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It's something I had thought about doing but not a very high priority: I'd probably work in some more Tutu content first. Note that Mur'Neth is immue to gaze attacks now after your suggestion, though I don't know whether that was documented in the ReadMe or not. :O

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