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I'm not sure if this has been fixed, yet, or if it's even considered a bug. In Saradush you can help Viekang teleport out by scaring him with a horror spell. The funny thing is that if you cast spook on him instead it actually turns him hostile. I'm thinking that casting spook should work just as well as casting horror. (Or Cloak of fear or Symbol:fear for that matter.) Thoughts?

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Good catch. :O Viekang's got some of this covered already:




So the Symbol:Fears are already covered, but we should add Spook (spwi125). Doing a quick NI search for the panic effect, I'd add the following as well:


spcl908 War Cry (though, honestly, who would use an HLA on Viekang?)

spin105 Horror (Bhaalspawn innate)

spin807 Slayer Fear

spin891 Moon Dog Howl

sppr517 Insect Plague

sppr717 Creeping Doom

spwm123 Symbol Fear (Wild Magic)


As well as these items:


helm32 Helm of the Rock (Aura of Command ability)

rodmace Mace +2 from Rod of Lordly Might (has a panic effect on melee hits)

rods05 Rod of Terror (has a panic effect on melee hits)

wand02 Wand of Fear (has a panic effect on melee hits)


And we'll toss in a general StateCheck to cover other circumstances--mod spells, summoning a demon that panics Viekang, etc. Script gurus, help me out here: how can we detect a spell casting of an HLA or wild magic and how to detect the various items?

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