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Hi :O It's again me. In Polish BG II we re got maaaany bugs (thanks for CD PROJEKT.. Sucks!) and we're got a Fixpack project...


I should translate only setup file? Or in Text Update Component are some non-bug (no letter bugs) changes?

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The Game Text Update needs to be reviewed before I would bother translating it--we're constantly finding little things here and there that we have to drop from it or don't really need to be changed. Plus, since a lot of it is grammar and/or spelling mistakes they may not have made it into foreign-language versions of the game. The strings that are changed as a bugfix we try to move into the core components.


So in short, only setup.tra needs to be translated. :D I've added a Polish setup.tra page to the wiki so you can just add your translations directly to the wiki if you wish. Thanks for your help!

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