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one more animation unknown


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For simplicity, i just cut&past an ielister entry for an animation:


bf10h Animation #1

bf10h Label BUTRFLY

bf30h Position [08f2.0852]

bf34h Schedule 0001ffe0


bf40h Cycle 0000

bf42h Frame 0000

bf44h Flags 00000007

bf48h Height ff9c <----- new

bf4ah Transparency 0000

bf4ch Current fram 0000

bf4eh Chance of lo 00

bf4fh Skip cycles 00

bf50h Palette

bf58h UNKNOWN 00000000



This field is responsible for the virtual height of the animation, negative numbers are allowed. If an animation has a large negative there, it will always be covered by actors.

If it is sufficiently high, it will always cover actors.

The transparent flag (not the field) in flags overrides the height, makes the animation always covered by actors.

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