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Mod Idea: Randomness

Grim Squeaker

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Random traps: The problem with the traps is we know where they all are, so detect trap is only useful as foreplay to removing the trap because you know where it is! So this element which has been suggested before by Cam who use some random variables to randomise the location of traps in the game. So each game it would be different.
I am currently working on such a component, albeit only for TuTu/BGT. Since I've only imported traps introduced by Echon in his Fields of the Dead mod at the moment, there is still a lot to do, but I am pleased to say that it works. Things randomised in a trap:


1. The type of trap sprung (universal script)

2. Trap detection difficulty

3. Whether the trap is active or not

4. Trap removal difficulty


In such a component I have also tweaked traps involving spawning of guards (i.e. stealing from a house, etc.). It isn't too good at the moment because of scripting limitations, but it is definitely better than what it was before.

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