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Branwen is being totally wack, yo


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I've already made a plea for help on the BG1 Npc Project forum, which is located here.


The problem is, I have just beaten those Nashkel mines and I'm about to give Tranzig a sound beating. However! When I try to reform my party and make Branwen wait somewhere, she tells me I'm no better than the Loki spawn she left behind, and then she leaves me behind. Forever! Now, I tried some things, like changing her alignment to Good with Shadowkeeper, and installing the Happy Patch, but none of that worked. So, yeah. I'd like some help, please.


If it helps, everything is okay in my save after I defeated Mulahey -- she waits just fine, then. She only starts comparing me to Loki spawn in my save right before Tranzig, so whatever happened, happened between leaving the Nashkel mines, going to Nashkel, then going to Beregost. Any help is appreciated!

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Yes, that is known. The question is if the happy patch in the Tweak pack needs to include "the NPCs wait for you independently of the player's reputation and Chapter # patch" since Tweaks seemes to be the most logical mod to handle such a thing.

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Well, if happy patch does not do it, I don't think anything else would. I suspect from your report that she is slightly more benigne after the Chapter changes... If you have the CluaConsole activated, you can always Ctrl+Y her, kick her out, go do the battle, and then when you need her back re-summon her with the Clua, Ctrl+Q her into the party and restore her SPRITE_IS_DEADBRANWEN Global variable to 0 . It's a cheating way, but it could work.

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All right, thanks. I'll keep it in mind. I just reloaded the old save and continued on from there, which was annoying but not life-shattering. Everything's fine now, anyway.


It wasn't the fact that I couldn't keep Branwen which annoyed me... it was that something was wrong, and I couldn't fix it. I hate it when that happens.

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