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I just started a new game w/ the folling mods: Fade, Kitanya, Allison, Kari, Keto, Saerileth, Sheena, Imoen rom., NPC Banter & Flirt, Jerry Zinger, Cloakwood Sq., Craig's Bottomless, King Dutka's Thief, Cliff Key, Improved Volcano, Planar Sphere mod, Planar Sphere return, EMaD,Black Rose Pt.1, Ascension/Redemtion, FR-RoV, SP stuff, Ease of Use, CoM Encounters, DOQuest pack, U.B., S,o,S, & patch, C.t.B., T.S., & A.o.E. At first everything was working fine but after about a day of play my game started stalling (take 4 steps stop take 4 steps stop etc,). I have a new computer w/ geForce 7800GT video card, X-fi sound card, P4 3.2 & 2 gigs of memory so I don't think it's my system ( heavy on the "don't think"). Do I just have too many mods( a "mod too far")? Are any of them uncompatible? Any help would be much appreciated :)

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The problem you describe is known as a "stutter bug". The most likely cause is the multi-romance component of Ease-of-Use, if you have that installed, uninstall it.

I uninstalled all of E of U but still have the stutter problem but thats with my saved game. Would I need to start a new game? The stutter didn't start until about a day into the game.
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