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Hooded Mages/Sorcerers and Thieves


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Inspired by the TuTu "Hooded Bards&Thieves" component, I have been thinking if it was perhaps possible to create a similar tweak which would automatically make no helmed arcane users' and thieves' avatars wear a hood.


In fact, Mages much more than Bards, are commonly found wearing a hood (Edwin, for instance) and I'd love to have my mage wear one in the game.


Do you guys believe it's doable ? Thanks! :)

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Just slap on an Archmagi Robe and there you go.


Alternatively, code a duplicate copy of the Robe of Vecna that uses the Archmagi Robe's armor level (and optimally has a color scheme better suited to a Red Wizard) and CLUA that in when you buy the original one.

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well you speak of Robes of Archmagi like I could buy one for 10GP at the local warehouse... :love:


And however this solution doesn't apply to thieves because they can't wear mage robes.


I had hoped to make it an installable component here...Let's see if CamDawg can come and help... :)


Thanks for your reply anyway but I would not even know how to code a duplicate copy of the Robe of Vecna that uses the Archmagi Robe's armor level.

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Well Andyr,


that's very nice for me to read. I usually come with suggestions which stimulate the "Sorry but it's hardcoded. Can't do..." answer! :love:


I know you're very busy and such but if some people might think of how to make this for the next Tweak Pack I'd appreciate it very much...


I love hooded Mages! :)

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An important update for those few who showed interest in this suggestion of mine:


thanks to Ascension64, BGT-WeiDU players can now install this component from version 4 of the BGT-WeiDu Tweaks (still unreleased - version 3 is out and there the component is buggy).


The Tweak will make mages hooded and robed and rogues hooded (this second part will be just like the TuTufix component).


People that are interested only in hooded and robed mages can already install the component in BGT-Tweaks V3 because that part works (what does not yet is the second about rogues). The avatar enhancement is absolutely spectacular! ;)

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