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  1. Actually, I would suggest that those immunities would be better placed in the natural strengths of the Undead Hunter, rather than NPP. Undead Hunters are already nearly completely eclipsed by any NPP item (some of which are laughably easy to attain), so granting that kit some relatively rare immunities gives the UD some much-needed appeal.
  2. +1 vote for being able to Call Lightning anywhere one can cast Ice Storm, Flame Strike, Comet, Sunray, Storm of Vengeance, etc. But at the same time, I'd reduce the damage from the original, seeing as how it's party-friendly. Stupid but realistic tweak: Casting Earthquake while on Saemon's (formerly Desharik's) ship, or in Irenicus's miniature Elemental Plane of Air, does absolutely nothing.
  3. I cast these spells only if A) I have a Tank in the cloud as well, baiting the enemies into staying there, and/or B) The enemies can't move fast enough to effectively get out of the cloud (Death Fog is my favorite anti-Lich spell), and/or C) I have a valid roleplaying means of "locking" them in a small room filled with gas (e.g., all doors are held closed by characters with high STR, who were also carrying a few unenchanted Axes or Short Swords for wedging the doors shut).
  4. The D&D gods also decided that the school of Illusion should be opposed to . . . Necromancy.
  5. Mod kits aren't KR's responsibility, we have no business meddling with another modder's work. With that said, I'm a bit dismayed to learn that there are mods that grant Rangers access to higher-level spells--because, as far as I know, the only way to do that involves granting that access to ALL Rangers, including kits and NPCs added by mods, which I've been deliberately avoiding because it violates the "don't meddle with other mods" rule.
  6. Alter the CLAB files of all Rangers so that, upon each Level Up, they get Remove Spell [all Druid-only spells above Level 3], with a 1-second delay. (The game will automatically try to put them back the next time they gain a level, which is why you have to do it every time.) Pureclassed Rangers/kits will be unaffected, except for a barely-noticable delay after each Level Up as the game deletes all the spells that you don't have. Cheesy players could still Pause, then Level Up, then memorize the Druid-only spells into slots before the 1-second delay kicks in, but hey, if they're willing to
  7. Excellent, thanks. Corrected locally, will be noted in the class description. The Jester's and Skald's songs seem to be correct in my install, BTW.
  8. So . . . can anyone confirm/deny that this Bard Song weirdness is present on their install as well? Anyone? Beuller?
  9. I just installed V8 of the Fixpack, as I'm trying to get some exact specifics on behavior in a patched/Fickpacked game, and noticed a rather glaring error in the Bard Song Fixes. Short version, apparently the Blade and default Bard essentially sing each other's Songs. I haven't checked the Jester & Skald yet. Long version: KITLIST.2DA says that Blades use CLABBA02, leaving CLABBA01 unclaimed, presumably for the unkitted Bard. CLABBA01.2DA (Bards) includes nothing but AP_FJBARD, which changes Bard Song Effect to FJBARDA. FJBARDA.SPL does nothing but protect its recipients from Fear an
  10. It's determined by whatever Usability you select for your kit: If you give it the same item restrictions as a Swashbuckler or default Thief, you'll get 25/level. If you choose the Bounty Hunter usability value, it's 20/level, and if you put down the Assassin value, you'll only get 15/level. As far as I know, those values will not change (hardcoded), but you might also experiment by giving your kit the usability value of (Bounty Hunter plus Assassin), or something like that, and seeing what happens. Barbarian's extra hitpoints are also hardcoded into their usability flag, but I think that a
  11. Small error in fist-as-enchanted-weapon description: "magical weapons at 4th level, +1 at 10th," The Flurry of Blows ability is too powerful to be usable at will. +1 ApR for an entire turn, with practically no penalties at all? You might as well just grant a permanent +1 ApR bonus and leave it at that. I would limit this to 1 use/day per 6 levels or so, and even then it's dangerously close (when combined with Improved Haste) to making Greater Whirlwind entirely obsolete. I greatly approve of drastically toning down the Monk's Magic Resistance, but why did you keep the way it kicks in s
  12. About the Duelist: 2-handed swords and Staves were popularly used as dueling weapons in various locales and periods. I would make at least some accomodation for this--otherwise all Duelists would quickly become cookie-cutter dual-wielders, which is the most powerful offensive style anyway. I would also swap the frequency of their THAC0 bonuses with that of their AC bonuses. This would make them more like the Kensai (which they are supposed to be a softer version of anyway) and less like the Swashbuckler.
  13. Given the vast differences in power between the average adventurer and unarmed townsfolk, I've never been a fan of seeing Commoners blithely ignoring their own frailty, doing stuff like wandering around in areas full of monsters, or walking right up to a heavily armed Fighter->Cleric and yanking his helmet right off his head. Personally, instead of the Messenger script, I would favor the 'Unusable Item' method, where the items simply get replaced to reflect the fact that Anomen's gear has rejected him as he rejected his father's orders. About ANOPLAT.ITM: Is this the version that gr
  14. No, the Chosen of Cyric encounter is "somewhat dubious," by which I mean that it's unavoidable (unless you specifically lower the difficulty slider to avoid / postpone it), it takes place at a time when you are likely to be down at least 1 party member and have certainly exhausted most of your best spells/abilities, it overwrites your Auto-Save, and the enemies are prebuffed even though you're not allowed to be. On the plus side, I like that it's possible to talk your way out of the fight. Going up against the Shadow Thief Improvements essentially boils down to facing away from your comput
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