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THACO penalties

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I am trying to refine a kit I created and through play-testing have come upon an issue I would like to resolve. For the sake of balance I have severely limited the selection of weapons that this kit can allot proficiency points to. I have noticed however as one progresses through the game there comes a point when it really doesn’t matter whether a character is proficient in a weapon. Their THACO is still more than acceptable.


My question therefore is how to make it less attractive to wield weapons normally available to the base class even though any level of proficiency is not allowed by a kit? I don't want to even think about trying to code a THACO penalty for every possible weapon this would apply to. I've even thought of reversing this idea to a general THACO penalty and only adding a "bonus" in for those weapons this kit should be using. That list is quite large as well. Is there something I'm missing in IESDP or elsewhere that I can use, or do I just need to accept this level of detail outside my control?

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Especially for warrior classes, this would be a problem (Only -1 to hit? So what?!) You could probably add some sort of restriction to the kit, something that prevents them from actually using those weapons. I'm not sure how you'd go about doing that, but I'm sure there's something on custom restrictions in the Kit Tutorials.


I'd only advocate that if it makes sense though. An archer might prefer bows, but there's no reason they can't pick up a sword if things get up close and personal.

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Don't forget that, while the proficiency penalties are low, a warrior doesn't gain level-based APR if he isn't proficient with a weapon. A fighter who isn't proficient with maces will only get one attack per round with one, so your restriction is actually more, uh, restrictive then it looks at first glance.

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This is a highly specialized Thief kit and restricting weapons beyond those normally useable by that class makes sense (at least to me) from an RP and balance perspective, as well as the conceptual view I have of the kit. I've already restricted certain other item usage via a SPL file in the CLAB but I don't want to even think about trying something like that for each individual weapon this kit "shouldn't" use (not really an effective use of time), and I don't want to try and move kits and usability flags around due to potential compatibility issues with other mods.



You are correct, unless the kit gets an APR bonus, which this one does via CLAB at certain intervals. This would be real easy to resolve if the "Can't Use Item Type" effect worked. Since it doesn't appear to though, looks like it's back to trying to find a creative solution. Either that or just admitting that this is something I can’t resolve.

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