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I hate these types of threads as well...

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As the title says :devil:


Anyway... suppose I decide to rush to Suldanessalar, talk to Demin, get Deheriana in party, and get back to playing the rest of SoA. Would you mind adding a full SoA portion to Deheriana for these players? :down:

(or, rather, enforce a timer to have K&D whine and leave if you play such a trick).


Disregard this thread with insults if the situation I described is impossible and I should have played the mod through / read the code to check before posting :down:

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Deheriana only dies, if you did not succeed to restore her. Otherwise, she gets a load of XP, and stays through ToB, playing as a regular NPC in ToB with a friendship sequence and all the frills. :down:


Basically the only content I have for Deheriana in SoA atm is Watcher's Keep, her reaction to Kivan-Tazok aftermath and banter with each NPCs that will occur either in SoA or ToB. I never really intended her as an SoA NPC, she is very much ToB oriented.


The thing is, I could never gauge interest in her accurately, so I kept wondering if I will just waste my time developping her. If I get an overwhelming feedback telling me how people would love to have her as a more active participant in SoA, I will do more development. Say a couple of banters with each NPC, plus interjections in the sidequests, and a dozen or so talks with the PC.

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OK, coolies. This time around I'll swap her for Aerie in Suldanessalar, then :devil:

However, count me as a person interested for some Deheriana-SoA content (if I ever played again with Kivan and Deheriana, that is).

Since by when you get her you probably have done at least 1/2 of Amn + the whole chapter 3,4,5,6 specific content, then perhaps you can one-day her some additional 'standard' content - up to you, of course :down:

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The problem is that it will be difficult to determine which quests PC had done and which s/he left for "later on". So, basically, every quest in and around Amn will have to be Deherianaized, which the way I work means preparing a test game that had nothing done in it but the Guilds, and then played twice through - without and then with her content. Obviously, it helps that I don't have to worry about Brynnlaw, Spellhold, Underdark and Working for the Guilds parts, but everything else is a fair game, even things like Slavers and Sewers and Nalia's Castle that people *typically* do in Chapter 2. So, yep, it is a big addition. :down:


So, anyone else is interested in more Deheriana - SOA?

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You could just cheat and have Deheriana interject in most of the same places where Kivan does :devil:


Since I'm playing them together, I have a strong suspicion that at least Sillara and nethrin pulled this one off while working on Saerileth and Yasraena :down: let's not insult other modders' work :down:

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He-he, I do have a collection of D-files, and yes, they would help, but I sort of prefer to play and see where it is natural (or funny, or just plain interesting) for the character to speak up or speak with another NPC - which is something I want to do a lot more than I have done with Kivan - and what is going on in the scene to do interjections. I would also like to continue working in the interjections that include PC reactions, the way I did with Kiv. And, yes, I do have a reason to replay the BG2 again after a bit of a break anyways, but well, I'd rather not think that far ahead. For now, I am done with modding until I am back from my big vacations! :down:

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