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Silverstar of Selûne and Shapeshifters....

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:D Cute...


I've no doubt Bev's got this covered. She's on top of these sorts of detailed issues. And there's three of us to do input, so our dialogues should be fairly well filtered and accurate... Yes...yes, that's right. :D


Inara's NPC banters will be quite fun for me. I imagine she might have some history with a few thieves here and there... :D

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There is a swamp druidic branch :D I now the followers of the quicksand have vanished centuries ago, but swampies, I dunno.

If Cernd is a swamp druid, there has to be a banter where Cernd explains to Keli that the druid circle he comes from once built a castle, but it sank into the swamp...


then it caught fire, burned, and then sank into a swamp!!!!



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