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BUG: Tutu-Tweaks v19


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Hello -


After installing Tutu-Tweaks v19, I noticed that a large number of AREs became unreadable by NI, which returned an error code. The areas still load fine in-game. I originally thought this to be a BG1NPC issue, but finally isolated the "Add Map Notes" component of the Tweaks as the culprit.

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Hello -


OK, more on this. The AREs in question used to have 0 as their map notes offset, and this got reduced by the # of spawn bytes removed when I de-spawned the areas, so now it has wrapped around to a really large hex number. Is the ADD_MAP_NOTE feature of WeiDU able to handle a bogus offset of zero, but not other bogus offsets?




Meh. I will play around with this here, and if I can get ADD_MAP_NOTE working again (most likely by re-zeroing the mapnote offset), I'll do that and then release new EasyTutu versions ASAP. Sorry for the problem.

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Hello -


OK, re-zeroing the mapnote offset does allow ADD_MAP_NOTE to work. I will in fact publish updated EasyTutu versions shortly.


May I suggest the following code be added to the "Add Map Notes" component of the next version of Tutu Tweaks, *before* the actual note-adding:


COPY_EXISTING_REGEXP GLOB ~fw.*\.are~ ~override~
 READ_LONG 0xC4 "mapNotesOffset"

 PATCH_IF (("%mapNotesOffset%" > SOURCE_SIZE) || ("%mapNotesOffset%" < 0)) THEN BEGIN
   WRITE_LONG 0xC4 0



This will reset any clearly bogus map note offset to zero, allowing ADD_MAP_NOTE to work. As I've just found out, bogus map note offsets are a possibility if any mod removes bytes from an ARE (whether a spawn, actor, or whatever) and then updates the file offsets, unless the mod author happens to be aware of the possibility that the existing map notes offset might be zero.

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