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Venus Express has entered orbit...


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Perhaps of more interest to Europeans than Americans, but still. Venus Express entered Venusian orbit this morning, and instruments are scheduled to be switched on some time tomorrow. I've just been out for some drinks with my friends who are working on it, and they're all pretty chuffed... If anyone watched BBC news today you'll have spotted one or two. :)


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Space exploration is neat no matter who's doing it. The only way we're really going to be able to get out there is with the whole world working together, after all. Looks quite neat, but reminds me of global warming unfortunately :). I apologize for our president...

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When I first heard about this, I only caught the end of the report and thought they were just launching it. It'll be very cool to see what they pick up from it. Pity it's so hard to actually land on Venus and survive, Venusian rovers could see some great stuff.

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