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Master Wraith Talk

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I didn't get the talk afterwards either, just one of the random flirts (which was a bit out of place right after the Master Wraith scene :p). Unfortunately I'm not sure if I have a saved game there anymore, since I just kept playing.


Also, back in SoA, the "by your cheek lay wildflowers" talk never triggered either, even though I waited for ages and rested all over the place (mostly in forests). Trying to set the globals to trigger the next LT did nothing either. I ended up reading it from the .tras, but it would've been nice to get it in the game... :p

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Uhm, the scene with MW works fine on my install. If anyone experiences this problem, I would really appreciate seeing a saved game and a debug file from you. It depends only on Kiv's romance being active, and commited, unless there is an incompatibility with something, and since I don't run many mods on my machine, I'd like to know what it could be.

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Uh, you don't really have an official bug report thread, and I didn't really want to start one for a bug this small.


I beat the unseeing eye quest, but didn't get the talk from Kivan after defeating the 'Empathic Manifestation' creature. Then when the Bounty hunters kidnapped Haer'Dalis and his troupe, I got the Empathic manifestation talk instead of the "whether or not to go after them" talk.


Just thought I'd mention it.

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I'll add the additional AreaChecks on the Emphatic though. It should prevent it from remaining "open" after you left the area.


It happens sometimes, that talks do not fire because the characters were moved or whatnot, and they become "cached", untill the next talk is scheduled to appear. If you click-talk Kivan right now, you'll get his "should we go" one. It's helpful to click-talk the character once in a while, to see if anything is overdue. :rolleyes:

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