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Enhancing original BG-BG2 quests

Guest Squish

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Guest Squish

My goal would not to change what already works so to keep the original spirit of that what the origial creators intended with a few extras thrown in to make the world seem more real and challenging. Maybe options to allow more or less non-original quests in game.


In the original BG quests they were pretty linear but still had the great BG world to explore. Plus the end city (last chapter) the quests were allot better. The top floors of Watchers Keep were great but still felt that the floors could have been connected with quests better.


With BG2 I felt it was rushed out the door with good reason. They simply put most, if not all, DnD features in one game in the span of 2 years development.. The areas that were decently complex were the thief city where I felt I was doing quests between thieves guilds and various other areas. But most areas were extremely linear like the Genni dungeon in Windspear and Trademeet and the

Most dungeons were pretty linear like the Mind Flare lare while some were very well done like the Yanti and space dungeon.

Most quests where complex and not fed ex but still were not connected to the rest of the word well except for character stats and career choices. Just go to a certain place and finish the multipart quest. I would like to see more story based missions that effect the rest of the world, like choosing the good or evil path with the vampire quests.

So basically, more dialog options that actually change the game world around. They did this to great effect a little but still felt rushed.

With BG2TOB I felt like I was just clicking through dialog.

In the end BG2 is still a great game with allot of twisty things to do it your a thief or cleric or decide to go the evil path as a fighter, also because it's the most comprehensive DnD game outside of DnD online.

I also though more neutral path quests needed to be added.

I played a chaotic good barbarian 300 hours all the way through.

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Guest Guest

Hi all I registered. Ah I see there have been many enhancements to these games already. I will check them out

I am using Linux.

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Welcome to G3. :) There are a lot of good quests and NPC mods about (not to mention various tweaks and fixes for the game). If you enjoyed the base quests, then Unfinished Business (over at Pocket Plane Group) might be a good starting point, it restores a lot of content that was cut from the original quests. But go nuts, I'm sure you'll find something that meets your taste.

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