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What kits have been overdone for npcs


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Ranger-mage sounds like fun.  Is ranger-sorcerer possible?  I used to enjoy that combo in NWN (especially with the overpowered familiars).  Not sure what's possible now with BG given the modding...

Yeah, I always found that, like the druid in NWN, the ranger-mage class was rather overpowered. Also, in my experience of building kits in bgii (pretty much all I've done up to this point) modding sorcerors is possible but is very inelegant and generally a lot of trouble - the same with creating additional possible multiclasses, though it is definitely a more elegant solution to kitting the sorceror.


The other class I have been considered is that of a dweomer keeper or generic priest of mystra, but, surprisingly enough, I have been unable to find any specific details on either of these classes. If anyone can point me toward specific info on either the dweomer keeper or priest of mystra (abilities, usability, etc) I'd be really grateful.


Tah, and thanks for all the feedback concerning the various classes.

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