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SoA 2da issues

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Noticed these today; in patched SoA there are two errors in the CLAB files (ToB fixes these). clabth04.2da is missing a space between its level 20 and 21 columns; clabfi05.2da has 10 extra entries for the ABILITY1 row. The patch for the latter is especially ugly; I'm open to suggestions.


COPY_EXISTING ~clabth04.2da~ ~override~
 REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~\(AP_SPCL[14]41\)\(\*+\|GA_SPCL412\)~ ~\1 \2~

COPY_EXISTING ~clabfi05.2da~ ~override~
 REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~^\(ABILITY1 +[^ |%tab%]+ +[^ |%tab%]+ +[^ |%tab%]+ +[^ |%tab%]+ +[^ |%tab%]+ +[^ |%tab%]+ +[^ |%tab%]+ +[^ |%tab%]+ +[^ |%tab%]+ +[^ |%tab%]+ +[^ |%tab%]+ +[^ |%tab%]+ +[^ |%tab%]+ +[^ |%tab%]+ +[^ |%tab%]+ +[^ |%tab%]+ +[^ |%tab%]+ +[^ |%tab%]+ +[^ |%tab%]+ +[^ |%tab%]+ +[^ |%tab%]+ +[^ |%tab%]+ +[^ |%tab%]+ +[^ |%tab%]+ +[^ |%tab%]+ +[^ |%tab%]+ +[^ |%tab%]+ +[^ |%tab%]+ +[^ |%tab%]+ +[^ |%tab%]+ +[^ |%tab%]+ +[^ |%tab%]+ +[^ |%tab%]+ +[^ |%tab%]+ +[^ |%tab%]+ +[^ |%tab%]+ +[^ |%tab%]+ +[^ |%tab%]+ +[^ |%tab%]+ +[^ |%tab%]+\).*$~ ~\1~


Ths also requres bigg's regexp hack for tabs.


 WRITE_BYTE 1 0x09
 READ_ASCII 1 tab (1)  // 0x09, tab

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I should point out that these also exist in my ToB; I think another one of these has a single column missing from the first row (a fighter one, I think), and a ranger or fighter or druid CLAB has an extra column for the first row; not all the CLAB files are used for anything (that I know of; KITLIST or some such 2DA lists the only useful ones).


I'm not opposed to fixing these up, but I don't think it's going to make any difference (I always clean up these 2DAs manually if they're in the override, but don't bother from my actual TP2).

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