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Adding kit IDS entry


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Hi! I've got a little trouble...


How to correctly add a new kit IDS entry (in KIT.IDS), which can be used in scripts? It's a commend which I've used, but I'm not sure it about it's correct.


COPY_EXISTING ~KIT.ids~ ~override~



0x4013 Y#AVENGER~

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Really? But if I good remember, ADD_KIT don't allow me to using that name in scripting.


I want to create a kit without romances. I've add string


to romance allowing script (in BALDUR.BAF) . But now I must make Y#Avenger checkable for scripts.


There is a second method to do that. I can change that argument to check the SPELL which is casted on Player1 by kit. It's got +1 to hp per level. But which commend I should use in script.



ReallyForcedSpell(...) ??

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