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So I went away as promised and learned Python. Now I'm wondering where to start with getting involved with this project. Is it written entirely in Python or just the GUIScripts, if so I'll go and read the GUIScripts documentation (I think there's a tutorials somwhere?) and any pointers as to where to start with those would be welcome. I'm capable of running BGII using Cedega as well as with gemRB so I can pretty easily see how the GUI is supposed to look.

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Just one word : yes !

I'm also very interested in that project, I know C++ and python (without being an expert, but that does not frighten me), I have bg1 and bg2 datas, and I could run both games under wine.

I already read some pieces of code, I did not have time yet to read the entire documentation, but I think I just need time to understand gemrb's wheels, and to make experiments : I don't know when, but that will come :-)



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Well, you could help us the best if you try to fix or improve guiscripts.


1. small cosmetic changes

If you can, try to run gemrb and and the original side by side.

Then compare the screens and try to fix differences.

If you run into something that is impossible to make identical, either skip it for now, or ask here.


2. missing parts

Some parts of the gui might still be missing. Try to implement those if you can.




About your question, if you downloaded gemrb, you will see that about 10% of it is written in Python. Mostly the gui parts, but the character generation is almost entirely written in python. (Except the random roll, and the character fileformat, and of course the low level gui functions.)

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