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Version 1.1 available


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We have released a new, updated, version of Amber sooner than we expected, in order to fix a critical bug that prevented it from being installed (or from functioning properly) if one had Weimer's Item Upgrade installed. Amber should now install and function correctly with Item Upgrade, provided that IU is installed before any mod that changes Cromwell's dialog. This requirement is not specific to Amber but rather due to the rather harsh way in which the Item Upgrade treats Cromwell's dialogue.


The bug should not affect those not using Item Upgrade, so upgrading to v. 1.1 is not mandatory.

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v1.1 is now on all of the mirrors; Amber's page and the downloads page now point to the new version. I've sent v1.1 to The Wizard so the IEGMC mirrors should be updated soon as well.


Thanks for the prompt action. Hope the next update won't have to be as rushed.

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