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Interesting strings in .exe

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There appears to be a way to get information from the engine, just speculation but strings are popping up as my disassembler scans the .exe such as:


FYI:Handling Nameless death via INI file data

FYI: %s generates a Modron maze at difficulty %d'

SCR: %s teleports the party

FYI: Adding cutscene actor %d:%s



Tons and tons of stuff like this. Any ideas?

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Lots of static strings and such are stored in an EXE, and this particular game engine has been around awhile, so all sorts of goodies are tucked away in it's crevices. You'll find such things in many executables.

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It's not unlikely that there were debug capabilities for pre-release builds beyond the ones that remained in the final distribution (CTRL+Y, CTRL+J, etc.) You've found artifacts thereof.


Yea I know, would be nice to find some of them still active though. Thing is its built off the baulders gate 1 file, F:\Torment\Source\baldur\ is found alot. I assume there are hundreds of leftovers from that. Again gonna be a tough job

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