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Coran Romance help please!


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I have been testing out the Coran Romance. I have gotten to LT 16 and have done the whole Briel and baby quest thing. Then he all of a sudden will not go on with the LT's. I have not recieved a LT for a couple hours. He still does the random flirts and I can flirt with him, but no more talks. Am I missing something or am I just being too impatient? Please help this little girl out I want my lover back!

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I really apologise for the slow response... somehow, your post got missed.


I am pretty sure the answer you are looking for is posted here:




if you are still playing. I don't know how we skipped you, but we definitely apologise! If this is not the same problem, please post again and we will try more troubleshooting togaether.

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