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Problem with a bit of code


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Well, I managed to run into a problem that I certainly didn't expect when I coded up a few chains. I tried to compile them just as a check, and was utterly surprised when something went wrong.


It's been a while since I last coded some things, and it *is* rather warm, so perhaps I'm missing something very silly, but I honesty don't know what.


According to WeiDu, there's a problem with this line:


 == R_MadaJ IF ~!Alignment("R_Madano",NEUTRAL_EVIL)~ THEN ~Unimportant blah blah.~


With R_Madano being the death value and R_MadaJ his dialogue file, of course. It's part of a normal chain, nothing strange with that as far as I know, and Weidu doesn't have a problem with the previous lines.


Strange thing is, before it reports this problem:


[C:\Spelen\BG2\/data/Default.bif] 5847739 bytes, 444 files, 0 tilesets

[ALIGN.IDS] parsed

WARNING: cannot verify trigger ~!Alignment("R_Madano",NEUTRAL_EVIL)~: Failure("lexing: empty token")

WARNING: cannot verify trigger ~!Alignment("R_Madano",NEUTRAL_EVIL)~: Failure("lexing: empty token")

[./override/ACTION.IDS] loaded, 13073 bytes

[ACTION.IDS] parsed

[./override/OBJECT.IDS] loaded, 1735 bytes

[OBJECT.IDS] parsed


[Madano\Test.d] PARSE ERROR at line 66 column 16-16

Near Text: !

syntax error


[Madano\Test.d]  ERROR at line 66 column 16-16

Near Text: !


ERROR: parsing [Madano\Test.d]: Parsing.Parse_error

ERROR: compiling [Madano\Test.d]!

Stopping installation because of error.


It compiles another chain with *exactly* the same line without stopping the installation. The character file is installed before the dialogue one, so the character and his info are already in the override, so I don't think that can be the problem.


I suppose I could probably go around it by using OR and then checking for good or neutral, but I have the nagging feeling it should be possible to do it this way. Oh, and changing it to the MASK variation doesn't make a difference... could it be that !Alignment is simply not allowed? :)

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That line looks fine to me. So my stab in the dark here is that you've missed a tilde on the previous line. Therefore it's getting confused and thinking your opening tilde just before the !Alignment is actually the closing tilde of the previous line.

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Oh my... forgot a tilde... :D


Sorry to have troubled you all with this... perhaps it's a good idea if I *don't* try to code things when it's too warm to think and they cancel walking contests because people got killed because of the heat. ;)


Now if you'll excuse me, I think I'm going to see if I made the same mistake somewhere else, as well. :)


And thanks for the quick help, I really appriciate it. :D

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