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Q. for someone w/ lots BG experience

Guest King Nothing

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Guest King Nothing

Hello Everyone,


I have BG ToSC, BGII & TOB. And I've just found out about all these mods and expansions. It's been years since I've played these games and I'm eager to revisit them.


There's so much info on mods and tweak packs etc. that I'm not quite sure where to begin? What's the difference between easy tutu and Weidu? Can you use them both?


Will someone give me a list of items to install for the ultimate BG experience? I have alrady done a full install with patches of both BGI and BGII with expansions.


What sould I install next? And what order should I install them?


Thanks for your help.


-King Nothing

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Interesting. TUTU mods and modding gets questions about BG1NPC, and we get questions about TUTU mods and modding :)


Okay, to start from basics, WeiDU is a modding tool that allows us to make compatible mods. You probably need not worry about using it, unless you start modding with it. Just ensure that you use mods done with this tools, or be prepared to do extra research if your heart is set on a non-WeiDU mod for BG1.


EasyTUTU is a simplified version of TUTU conversion that allows you to play BG1 with BG2 rules, graphics, etc. In other owrds, it becomes just like BG2 game-wise. It will not make two games into one. The second available conversion, BGT, or Baldur's gate Trilogy would, but on the downside, most mods were initially developped for BG1.


As for mods to install, it is really very much your choice and depends on what you are interested in. Just do some research and voila!


I think that pretty much all mods for TUTU are listed here:




The info seems to be outdated, but it'll give you an idea and link you to whichever mods you would want to try out.


In addition, there are mods that will work on both TUTU and BG2, the ones that change say avatars and paperdolls (1 Pixel productions or Moiness Avatars), or whatever other specialized tweaks and enhancements are out there. Basically, if you want something very specific, drop by General modding discussion section, and most probably you'll get a reference to the mod - unless it had not been done yet.


Hope that helps and have fun with your renewed BG1 experience.

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To get the most out of BG1, consider EasyTutu. BGT is good, and it has its fans, but Tutu is a little more flexible.


After that, it depends on your playing style. Would you like more NPC contribution, or do you just want to barrel through a lot of new quests?


If you like to watch NPCs develop, please consider BG1 NPC project. It gives new life to people you previously thought of in terms of mere combat abilities. Some of your favorites might very well become those you had dismissed earlier.


If you don't need that element, and would prefer to puzzle through a lot of quests, you could try BG1 Unfinished Business, Sirene's Call and a couple other BG1 quest mods.


Different people like different things. I love NPCs, all the banters and interactions, and am addicted to the BG1 NPC project. Since BG1 UB is currently not compatible with it, I refuse to install it.


My boyfriend likes the quests, so he does BG1 UB.


Moinesse's Avatars (under Released Mods>mini-mods) gives you pretty avatars. I like Ashes of Embers at PPG. That's another place to look for advice.


BG1 is not the same game it was half a decade ago. It is so much richer and more enjoyable, no matter how you like to play.

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