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"Sword Coast Strategems" for BG1Tutu Released!


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"Sword Coast Strategems", a new tactical enhancement and miscellaneous tweak mod for BG1Tutu has enjoyed a quiet release over on the PPG forums. Author David Wallace writes of it:


Sword Coast Strategems (SCS) is a new mod for BG1TUTU. It's basically a collection of the various mods I've written for my own use whilst playing TUTU over the last couple of years - since it's now in a pretty stable form, I thought I'd make it available in case it's of use to anyone else.


SCS is primarily a sort of TUTU version of Tactics. It features substantially upgraded general AI (almost all monsters call for help intelligently, choose sensible targets, and use magic items) as well as much better AI for a lot of specific types of creatures (wizards, priests, sirines, basilisks...). It enhances several types of monsters (e.g. spiders and doppelgangers) to be more challenging (hopefully without being ridiculous) and it upgrades the opponents in about 20 of the individual battles, including the end-of-chapter battles in chapters 2-7 and the end-of-quest battles in Tales of the Sword Coast. Basically the idea is to make TUTU rather more tactically challenging, rather than just making it harder by brute-force methods like tripling all the damage rolls. (It's a bit easier than Tactics though, I think!)


SCS also has a few ease-of-use functions, mostly for party-joinable NPCs - NPC pairs (e.g. Khalid and Jaheira) can be broken up without having to kill one of them; NPCs can be sent to inns when they leave the party; you get to choose all NPC weapon proficiencies when they join; you can skip the Candlekeep tutorial and just get the experience and treasure. And it makes a few other miscellaneous tweaks - for instance, it changes the plot a bit on Balduran's Isle, and it moves some NPCs so they are available to join the party rather earlier.


SCS is a Weidu mod; it's broken into 46 components and it's a 560kB download. It's compatible with BG1TUTU with or without Tales of the Sword Coast. (I believe it's compatible with both the SoA and ToB versions of TUTU but I've only tested it with the ToB version). It seems to be compatible with most other Weidu mods for TUTU. It isn't compatible with the original version of BG1.


The mod reportedly also works with EasyTutu.


For further details and a download link, visit the mod homepage. See also the original discussion thread.

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