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RES File Assignment


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In IWD2, every character created has an associated RES file that contains the biography, that is customized by the selected class.


I can't find the references to the string numbers in the 2DA files. The search for the StrRef on all files crashes NI. I think a 2DA file is the logical place to handle the RES assignment, but so far no luck finding it. GAM seeems to have nothing related to party creation.


Does anyone know whisch file or at least the file type deals with the strings assignment that takes place depending on the class?


Thank you in advance!

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Here is one:


# 19421


~At the core of druidic faith lies the balance between nature and all living things; when this balance is disrupted, then nature, and all those that live within its bounds, is harmed. So when you heard of the growing war between the people of Targos and a goblin horde from the Northern wastes, you took it upon yourself to see what you could do to end the conflict before the balance is irrevocably disrupted. Traveling to Luskan, you booked passage on the Wicked Wench to add your wilderness skills to the ranks of the Targos defenders. ~

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