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Torment Scripts


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Nice job with the Torment Scripts! Also, nice catch with TNO casting spells, even if his current class isn't a mage. Last time I played my NO was a straight up fighter. Do you know if the spells refesh upon rest?


I'm thinking of starting up a new game of PS:T. Was there anything you wished you had done or added to the scripts?

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Hey Blucher,


Nice to see you bouncing around the community again!


Thanks! I had a solid foundation from which to work :suspect:


It has been a while since I played Torment, but IIRC the spells do refresh upon resting.


--Things for whomever to do--


Get Call Lightning to Work better.


Actually test to see if all the spells fire properly or not.


Hide 'N Detect Traps trick working would be nice (not sure this is possible).


Maybe put out a version of the TNO script that checks to see if he is a mage before casting.


Figure out what is causing the pauses that TNO sometimes exhibits.


Test the scripts with Ignus in the party.



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