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  1. Ok, if you have already fixed it then nevermind. I did a search for Ice Storm and couldn't find it in the Complete Documentation. Now that I'm specifically looking for Meteor Swarm, I do see that there (which also fixes Fire Storm). I checked the tp2 and I still can't find anything for Ice Storm however.
  2. Two fun things I've been playing with lately: 1) Ranged Healing Spells. I used to always rely on the Rod of Resurrection and Greater Restoration for in-combat healing and only memorized healing spells (if any) to reduce downtime after combat. Giving all the healing spells range beyond touch makes them really useful again (and powerful). 2) Friendly AoE Spells. I made all the AoE spells no longer do damage to the caster and his party, just like Horrid Wilting and a few others. It's nice being able to use Fireball again. Both of these changes are cheating, no doubt, but I'm finding them to be a fun change. I think they would be a nice addition to the tweak pack.
  3. This is an old bug that I found out about a long time ago and never got around to reporting it to Dorner for his Baldurdash package. Since BG2 Fixpack is the modern successor of Baldurdash (and I've been playing the BG games a bit again lately), I thought I'd mention it here, now. Basically the spells Ice Storm, Meteor Swarm, Fire Storm (and maybe one or two others that I can't remember at this moment) say in their description that they last 4 rounds. However the *.pro files they use have incorrect durations of 3 rounds, causing those spells to be 25% less effective than intended. They aren't very popular spells so I imagine fixing the duration will make much difference to many people, but I'm mentioning it here for sake of completeness. I have the fixed versions of the *.pro files somewhere in my CDs of infinity engine related files, but they are of the old fashioned drop-in-the-override kind. If anyone working on this project wants them (doubtful, I'm sure), I can find them and send them to whoever. P.S. It's good that you guys fixed the UCOUNTER.BCS script to remove that invisible combat starting creature. I always hated that thing and fixed it for myself. I was going to mention that too, but you guys are way ahead of me.
  4. Blucher


    I always feel a bit guilty thinking back on how I abandoned this mod (albeit in the very capable hands of Domi, Andyr, & co.). Looking back, that was rough period of time for me (the months leading up to my mother's death) and I couldn't continue playing games, modding or anything like that. I'm very grateful that there were no hard feelings towards me. And I'm extremely pleased at how well you folks made this mod (far, far better than I could have managed, I know). Grats on a wonderful mod. I love how it turned out.
  5. I loved the Dyna romance, so I voted for it. But I have to admit that I haven't tried the others. I should play this game again and explore some of the other options. (It'll only be my gazillionth time playing the game, but I never truly get tired of it. )
  6. You guys would be horrified at how I did it. I used a hex editor to change the starting XP for new characters to 0, made a level one version of the "NPC" that I wanted (using a notepad with pencilled in stats as reference), converted the CHR to CRE (using a version of NI with which that feature worked), and then used NI to manually set the values of the new CREs to match those of the old CREs. Somewhere along the line I wised up and used a script to set character sounds. Not a big deal or anything, just really freaking boring (as I'm sure you can imagine). How'd that saying go? "Work smarter, not harder?" Azazello wrote me earlier, asking me to check out this thread. No need for any sort of "permission" from me to make a new Level 1 NPC Mod (or whatever), but you guys have it of course. I'd love to be more involved, but I'm far too preoccupied with RL stuff unfortunately. Anyway, stay cool and happy modding.
  7. That's kind of neat. How are you able to do that?
  8. Heh, I didn't say the changes were all wrong. Beyond it being slightly interesting to speculate that CG was his alignment before becoming evil and being corrupted by Bodhi, I'd certainly agree that his CG alignment is probably not correct... Anyway does even that really matter? I can't say it ever had an effect on my games. What does it change? Not getting any use out of Holy Smite in those two battles? But yeah, even if I don't think it's worth having even more garbage in my override directory to fix, I can understand some people wanting it changed. Though, I don't believe all of the cases involving alignments changed are that clear cut.
  9. Keeping the "odd" keys would be a good idea imo, for two reasons. (1) Some mods use these items, and (2) from a roleplaying perspective, it's nice to keep those items as little mementos of your previous adventures. In these games I always keep the notes, bounty notices, and other little odds and ends you can collect throughout the course of the game. Granted I usually only do this the first few times I play game when it's all still new and wonderful, but still... Also a wholesale change to NPC alignments to conform to some standard is another one of these changes that detracts from the game. Having, for instance, a Lawful Evil Majordomo (and others with surprising alignments) adds texture to the game world. We don't know what lies in the heart and soul of the Majordomo; he appears decent enough but that doesn't mean he is necessarily good. Seeing such a character show up as evil with a casting of Detect Evil makes one take notice and perhaps spurs the imagination. Regardless of these roleplaying considerations, can anyone really discern the designer's intent in these cases? It's possible that the character was based on a lawful evil Majordomo from one of their P&P campaigns. Who can really say that this character (and others) weren't meant to have alignments they have in the standard game?
  10. Well, I don't know if it's only Continue(), but yeah, basically. Any empty RESPONSE preceded by a Continue() acts as if it also has a continue. For instance: IF True() THEN RESPONSE #100 Continue() END IF See("Sarevok") THEN RESPONSE #100 END IF See("Imoen2") THEN RESPONSE #100 END IF See("BotSmith") THEN RESPONSE #100 END IF True() THEN RESPONSE #100 DisplayStringHead(LastSeenBy(Myself),16394) // What?! What is it?! Wait(12) END ...will display the string over the head of whichever CRE was seen last, and is still within sight. Whereas this (replacing the first block): IF False() THEN RESPONSE #100 Continue() END ...will only display a string over the head of the last seen CRE, but only if they are all currently out of sight. EDIT: I suppose it could be used for targeting, but the False() triggers under the See()s work as well or better. The best use for the empty RESPONSE imo, is when you want a CRE to do absolutely nothing (no even a NoAction()) as long as a set of conditions are valid. And that's just the sort of use that a preceding Continue() breaks.
  11. Was checking out the IESDP info on the scripting stuff there. Don’t know if this is the right place to talk about it, but since the old eGroups/Yahoo Groups archives have been wiped... Anyway, about Continue(): this will "break" any valid script blocks with an empty RESPONSE. For instance: IF True() THEN RESPONSE #100 Continue() END IF ModalState(STEALTH) THEN RESPONSE #100 END IF See(NearestEnemyOf(Myself)) THEN RESPONSE #100 Attack(LastSeenBy(Myself)) END ...will result in a character breaking stealth to attack a visible enemy. And this: IF ModalState(STEALTH) THEN RESPONSE #100 NoAction() END ...also doesn't work if the idea is to keep the character in stealth as NoAction() is, despite its name, also an action. (Ignoring for the moment the unaesthetic "tensing up" it causes characters to do.) This would be how to do it if you want Stealth (or whatever) to remain unbroken and still use Continue(): IF ModalState(STEALTH) THEN RESPONSE #100 END IF True() THEN RESPONSE #100 Continue() END IF See(NearestEnemyOf(Myself)) THEN RESPONSE #100 Attack(LastSeenBy(Myself)) END Okay, this is *hardly* new info or anything, but it's pretty useful stuff to know. P.S. Any good sub-forum or forum around to talk about scripts? (Or is that too specialized an area of interest?)
  12. Those tildes (~) in the script do not look right either, but that might be WeiDU ADD_KIT kind of thing (which I've never bothered with).
  13. Those NPCs did stuff like that in the unmodded, non-tutu version of the game too. Some people would actually play the entire game with those characters in their party. IIRC, one trick to keep them in the group is mentioned in Simpson's BG1 FAQ/Walkthrough.
  14. I agree with the OP of course. The Fix Pack is impressive, and obviously a ton of work has been put into it, but it changes way too many things that frankly don't need changing. The aforementioned keys are one. Another instance where things are changed (needlessly imo) is in the section dealing with alignment fixes. Kish may have considered the Lawful Evil Majordomo to be an oversight, and that's fine for a mod like his; but I'd think a true set of fixes would leave that alone. Besides, we don't really know the heart of the majordomo. He could be evil and it just not ever manifest itself in the game. I think if you guys are really wanting this to be the new standard in unofficial patches, then it should place an emphasis on significant bugs and errors. The main question should be "what can the Fix Pack leave out?" rather than "what can it include?" Baldurdash already had too much bloat, imo. I can't fault Dorner though, since obviously he and the other contributors (including myself as I remember sending some stuff to him as well) were just enthusiastic about fixing bugs, and eager to be complete. Luckily I am able to compile my own Baldurdash redux: a slimmed down version that just fixes the nastier bugs. (Another good reason why full documentation is a good idea: it lets people know what they are getting.) Anyway, I'm just saying this out of a genuine desire to be helpful. Feel free to ignore my raving. P.S. In the Fix Pack version I was using just a few days ago, I had a crash when I tried to enter the Temple of Helm in the Bridge District. (I assume that was altered to fix the odd script there?) I did install the FixPack with an on-going game, but no other mods were present. The game was fairly new though, and I hadn't yet visited the temple (or even the Bridge District at all, iirc) in that game. Uninstalling the fix pack cleared up the problem. Just wanted to let you guys know if you haven't had this reported yet.
  15. It's cool. Do you have a complete list of everything fixed, like K. Dorner used to have?
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