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    I always feel a bit guilty thinking back on how I abandoned this mod (albeit in the very capable hands of Domi, Andyr, & co.). Looking back, that was rough period of time for me (the months leading up to my mother's death) and I couldn't continue playing games, modding or anything like that. I'm very grateful that there were no hard feelings towards me. And I'm extremely pleased at how well you folks made this mod (far, far better than I could have managed, I know). Grats on a wonderful mod. I love how it turned out.
  2. I loved the Dyna romance, so I voted for it. But I have to admit that I haven't tried the others. I should play this game again and explore some of the other options. (It'll only be my gazillionth time playing the game, but I never truly get tired of it. )
  3. Hi. Just wanted to say that I fixed the incompatibility issue between Amber and the Expanded Thief Stronghold. With the old WeiDU it wasn't quite as easy to insert pointer to a script in an area, as it is now. (We both needed the AR1005.ARE to have a script...) I tested it with Amber installed before and after mine, with no problems. Cheers. EDIT: The incompatibility with TTD would likely be in the same place as my old problems with that mod. Namely, it tries to use the prison as well. Assuming that TTD doesn't do a wholesale replacement of AR1005 or its script, it hopefully won't be a problem.
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