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Guess What - Search in Progress!


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I know I have been looking for years for someone to voice Kivan, but this is not it. Well, almost. :)


I need a male voice actor to record 43 lines for a soundset. I think just one as it pans out better than usual: over years I collected 3 out of 6 and have a good chance of the 4th being recorded some time in October.


One of the female voice sets also is on a static-y side, so if someone thinks it could be fun to voice a half-orc noble barbarian, I would not mind a retake. Or a person accomplished in sound file editing to clean the tracks.


The offers to voice act, compassionate remarks and eye-rolling are all welcome!

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I responded to the thread in the General Discussion Forum too, feel free to reply either here or there. :( Which of the above characters are male (aside from the gnome, since I know she is female)?


Oh, again, out of curiosity, how many lines have you dreamed of voicing for Kivan?

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I've just sent you an unsoliceted PM about it. Talk about telepathy. Can you throw your e-mail at me via PM? I think I have the script handy in the e-mail attachements. :(


For Kivan? Not sure, I stoped preparing his script at 143 voice clips, that included his soundset, TOB banter w NPCs, TOB interjections, and TOB friendship. Probably at least twice that seeing how SoA and romance tracks were not counted at all.

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