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SOLVED: Tutu Tweak Pack Bug Report


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Dunno if this is a bug in Tutu proper, the FixPack, or the Tweak Pack, but, after starting a new Tutu game yesterday, I ran across two bugs in Candlekeep:


1) The noblewoman on the ground floor of the Candlekeep Inn has "nothing to say"

2) Jondalar and Erik almost killed my PC in the training exercise near the storehouse (engine limitation?)


I will also post this on the FixPack forum, just in case.

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#1 should also occur in an unconverted BG game. She has charmed dialogue and dialogue triggered by the nobleman. Unfortunately due to an invalid DV the dialogue with the nobleman never triggers, this is a BioWare bug. I have a collection of dialogue fixes I made for BG and never got around to releasing. I sent them all to Echon, I think I'll foward them to Sim as well. I think a lot are fixed by the Tutu conversion itself but others are not.

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