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off-beat area question


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use www.dudleyville.com, but change the AR to FW: Icelus created a good Tutu to BGT area chart at PPG, too, but I don't know if he created a Tutu one. Beregost Temple is AR3400 in BG1.




That means the area script in Tutu is _AR3400.bcs, and the area name for Tutu variables/CLUAConsole, etc is FW3400

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Thanks much.


You know the funny thing is that it's easy to find area references for BG2, but I've been having a tough time finding one for BG1. Go fig.


Anway, I appreciate both points of information. I did post over at PPG, too, but you answered first :blush:


Edit: or I could have just gone to the appropriate spot on the map and hit 'x'. Argh.

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