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mod installation order


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Is the following installation order for SoA/ToB mods basically correct?


Installation of SoA/ToB Mods


Note: After a fresh full install of SoA and ToB, make clean backups of override folder, baldur.ini, bgmain.exe, chitin.key and dialog.tlk. You can mock a complete reinstall by deleting your modded override folder and WeiDU.log file and copying the backups into the install directory.


1) SoA

2) ToB

3) Official Patch

4) BG2 Fixpack v.17 (replaces Baldurdash Fixpack)

5) If you have any non-WeiDU mods install one, and only one at this stage.

6) Items/Stores/Spells

7) Kit mods

8) NPC mods

9) NPC Banter and Flirt Packs

10) Quest-related and Tactical mods

11) Tweak and Rules Change mods

12) Things that are supposed to go last (eg, Divine Remix and Virtue) - ? order


At what stage would you add things like One Pixel Productions, Original BG1 GUI, Moinesse's Avatars, etc.? And what would you call that type of mod?


Comments? Would you change the order in any way?

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that's basically correct, but there's no reason to complicate it:


1) Full SoA and TOB install and official patch

2) BG2 Fixpack

3) no non-weidu mods at all, as there's no excuse for them.

4) every other mod not listed below, assuming they're compatible with each other

5) Rules Change mods

6) Things that are supposed to go last (eg, Divine Remix, G3 Tweaks, Virtue, etc)



the order is a little bit different if yr installing BP mods (see sticky here, if SHS hasn't fallen over again), but the general principle is the same.

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