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Version 2.1


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To celebrate the 3rd anniversary of Gibberlings 3, a new version of Amber has been released.


Download links can be found in the download thread.


In version 2.1 following issues were addressed:


- Lorraine's talk now triggers correctly even if you have used holding or mind-altering spells on her.

- Added dialogue checks for Player2 not being dead.

- Amber's comment after the pit fight in Ust Natha is now more logical, regardless of who fought in the pit.

- Fixed a dead end in the "How are you doing, Amber?" force talk option.

- Removed an accidental time restraint from Amber's third quest.

- Fixed the conditions that determine which line Amber uses in the "I'm sorry" talk.

- Removed a whole bunch of empty reply options from various dialogues.

- Fixed a couple of empty SAY lines in Amber's P2 romance talks.

- Amber's voicing, music and tilesets are not installed in the middle of the WeiDU installation instead of after it.

- Some references to Player1 were removed from Player2's romance talks.

- Fixed the Tree of Life once again (it should now actually work).

- Fixed a typo in the Phaere flirts that could cause dialogue to get stuck.

- Added a slight delay so that the map text will display for a while longer.

- Amber's dialogues and scripts have been traified, making her ready for translation.

- Fixed a non-fatal typo in the script which determines Lorraine's level.

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