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Exotic Item Pack + Ashes of Embers

the bigg

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If AoE is installed, the quivers & katana added by EIP should have their proficiencies changed.


ACTION_IF ((FILE_EXISTS_IN_GAME ~j#swsoa.txt~)		   // SoA version of AoE (for BGT)
 OR (FILE_EXISTS_IN_GAME ~J#ToBAoE.txt~)				// Tutu version of AoE
 OR (FILE_EXISTS_IN_GAME ~j#sensibleweaponsmods.txt ~)) // mod-only version of AoE
 COPY_EXISTING ~cdplquiv.itm~ ~override~ // quiver of plenty +0
			~cdplcase.itm~ ~override~ // case of plenty +0
			~cdplbag.itm~ ~override~  // bag of plenty +0
			~cdkat2.itm~ ~override~   // katana +2
WRITE_LONG 0x1e 0 // remove all class/race/align unusabilities
WRITE_BYTE 0x29 0 // remove all kit unusabilities except for Beastmaster (where present)

(not actually tested, but duh...)


EDIT: how did I manage to miss the right forum? :)

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